Zeppelin Europe Tours – a vision with future!

The design of the planned new airship is based on the successful concept of the Zeppelin NT. In order to extend the capacity to 40 persons, the airship must be increased in size. With a length of 125 m, 1.6 times the length of the present Zeppelin NT the planned airship will have a volume of 50,000 m3 – equal to about 100 family homes with a length of a football field. Thus, the Zeppelin can be flown even to other continents, but without passengers.

Travelling with the Zeppelin

The time is ripe for new thinking! Values change, tranquility, space and time are enjoying a different status in this day and age. Travelling with the Zeppelin requires a new definition of this concept – the path is the goal – in the truest sense of the word.

Under the sponsorship of the Förderverein Zeppelin-Tourismus e. V., a committed team led by Wolfgang von Zeppelin is seeking to establish the Zeppelin as a link between European cities. Not only the technical concept will set new standards, but also the professionally developed business model.

The basic idea is an integrated system with 10 airship stations located in 10 European cities. The airships will fly a circular route to all stations, additionally, one- and two-hour flights will be offered over the cities and their immediate surroundings. Beyond the purely touristic aspect there is considerable commercial interest from the industry which wants to use the airship as an eye-catcher for their image promotion as well as other promotion activities.

A new dimension of airship tourism

Imagine, operating 10 airships with 40 seats each, located in 10 European cities. The airships will change their destination every two days leading to a circular route in 20 days. The resulting possibilities are enormous. A 20-day European round trip, city to city routes including sightseeing tours on ground as well as one hour round trips over cities, everything is possible. Travelling in a new dimension would become reality.